About Meg

Hey, I am Meg! I am an astrologer with a focus on astrogeography and evolutionary astrology.

Why expat astrology?

Well, I am a South African, who has a Canadian mom and a South African dad, now living in Ireland. How my parents met is a story all centered around being expats really, and how my own journey in this life has been – living and travelling far away from home for over 20 years – together they are all life stories written in the stars but plotted on a map. It all links back to astrogeography (and maybe a little related to Neptune being placed in my 9th House!)

I’ve lived and travelled to many places, and over time my family has grown and expanded and they too live all over the globe. When I learned that you could link different destinations to planetary energy lines specific to your natal birth chart – combining expat life, travel and astrology, just made sense to me. My life and my journey up until now, all made sense. That reassurance to know that my soul had been restless, that my soul had been searching, that places I had never been to before now was a place written in my stars – that knowledge was so powerful and soul-moving to me that I had to share it with others!

To know that there was a greater reason why my soul was drawn to all of these places is beyond magical. I think everyone can benefit from knowing where in the world their soul may be calling them to go. Which is why I created this business call The Expat Astrologer.

How can I help you?

I can help people considering moving to a new country get a sense of what that place may hold for them based on their astrology.

I can help people who have travelled all over the globe and are still restlessly looking for a place to call home, find meaning to their unique life experiences.

I can help people who are not able to travel, not able to move countries, learn how you can still tap into the energies and lessons all around the world without leaving home.

I try help people feel blessed, special, unique, uplifted, validated, and above all – WORTHY. That is my deep wish to you, to know that this journey through life is amazing and magical and it is meant to be experienced on all levels and all frequencies.

Your past, present, future – it is all written in the stars.

Let’s discover them together!