Evolutionary Astrology

What is the main reason you are booking this session?

Most of my clients book a natal chart reading first when they are not exactly sure what to book and would like to understand more. When you book a natal chart reading, I will ask you what you would like to focus on, here are some suggestions:

  • Self Development: you want to understand your birth chart, and the key strengths/challenges, skills and gifts within you
  • Career/Work: you would like insight into areas of work that you are naturally good at, or skills that you can use to help you change careers
  • Abundance: you are looking to harness more natural joy and luck
  • Love/Relationships: understanding how you attract close relationships for love, friendship or even business
  • Your Evolutionary Purpose: guidance on your true north calling (note: your purpose might not be related to the work that you do!)
  • Healing and Transformation: you would like to heal from your past wounds/trauma and are looking for someone who sees that pain and can turn it into your greatest gift by looking at ways to help empower you to heal yourself and transform your life.

 As a certified astrologer, I can help you interpret your birth chart from an evolutionary astrology point of view – taking a look at your past lives, the lessons and blessings your soul is calling for you to uncover in this lifetime. In a session with me, we talk about the tools you can use to help align yourself to your truest and highest calling. It is my greatest wish for my clients to feel validated by their lived experiences, uncover their true purpose and be inspired/motivated to find the most optimal way to harness their full potential.

Even with the comprehensive list of options above, you might have other ideas on what you would like to look at. That is why I have left a space in the booking form for you to ask a burning question you have about your chart. I often find the best readings are those that give me as much information/perspective prior to our session as this helps me to focus on the area you most want insight on. Astrology is a helpful tool, but I am not a mind reader (contrary to what my clients believe!).

What can you expect in a Natal Birth Chart Reading:

  • You will need to provide an accurate birth time, date and city of your birth in order for your birth chart to be pulled correctly. (if you don’t know your birth time, you will need to get your chart rectified BEFORE you book a session with me. Please email me if you would like a referral).
  • This reading is 60 minutes, and we meet online via Zoom video call which can be recorded (if you would like)
  • I use the Placidus house system, with modern/traditional rulership considered.
  • We look at your overall Chart Energy, including your Astrological Signature (Sun, Moon, Rising)
  • Depending on the area of focus you would like to look at, we look at key planetary placements, and aspects
  • Along with your natal chart placements, if there is time, I do like to look at current transits and energies that you might be picking up on.

Reasons to book a Natal Birth Chart Reading with me:

  • You are interested in astrology and want to understand your chart and how to use it 
  • You feel drawn to understand more about yourself and ways in which you can further grow and evolve
  • You feel lost in a transit, been hit with a few challenges and want to be reminded of the light within you
  • You would like to understand and heal your past life karmic wounds
  • You want to know more about the potential dharma/ life purpose in this lifetime