Helping you Move/Travel based on your Astrology

The Expat Astrologer

Hey, I am Meg!

I am a certified astrologer with a focus on astrocartography and evolutionary astrology.

Why is my business called ‘The Expat Astrologer’?

I am a South African, who has a Canadian mom and a South African dad, and after living in a few countries, I am now living in Ireland. It seems my whole life is a story all centered around being expats, in fact, had my parents not ventured out of their countries of birth I might not have ever been born!

I’ve lived and travelled to many places, and over time my family has grown and expanded and they too live all over the globe. When I learned that you could link different destinations to planetary energy lines specific to your natal birth chart – combining expat life, travel and astrology – it all just made sense to me. The reassurance and validation I received from learning my own natal chart and exploring my astrogeography really made me feel like it all made sense. To know that my soul had been restless, that my soul had been searching, that places I had never been to before were already written in my stars – that knowledge was so powerful and soul-moving to me that I had to learn more so that I could share it with others!

How can I help you?

  • Astrocartography:  The core service I offer is helping clients who either live overseas already or are considering moving to a new location. I help people who have travelled all over the globe and are still restlessly looking for a place to call home, find meaning to their unique life experiences. And if you haven’t travelled or lived overseas YET, I can help you learn how you can still tap into the energies and lessons all around the world without leaving home.
  • Self Development: I can help you understand your birth chart, and the key strengths/challenges, skills and gifts within you
  • Career/Work: I can provide in-depth insight into areas of work that you are naturally good at, or skills that you can use to help you change careers
  • Abundance: Most people think abundance = money, however astrology can show you were you are naturally about to harness and manifest more natural joy, luck and expansion.
  • Love/Relationships: I work with couples or business partners or individuals who desire to understand more about how they attract close relationships for love, friendship and even business.
  • Your Evolutionary Purpose: I can offer you guidance on your true north calling (note: your purpose might not be related to the work that you do!)
  • Healing and Transformation: I can help you identify what your core wound is and how you can heal yourself, by helping to empower you to heal yourself and transform your life.

Let’s discover your stars together!

This journey through life can be hard/challenging, but also can be amazing and magical. It is meant to be experienced on all levels and all frequencies. Your past, present, future – it is all written in the stars. Let’s discover them together!

Current Courses

List of all the available self-paced or live online training workshops, events and courses!

Self-paced: Chiron Video Series

Unlock your core wound with Chiron and discover how astrogeography can help you heal.

Self-paced: The Astrology of 2024

Plan your year ahead. Includes a 20 page pdf workbook with all key transit dates!