• Have you travelled/lived in a country that you just absolutely fell in love with and found life just flowed easily for you?
  • Have you travelled/lived in a new place and suddenly met with unexpected challenges, difficult lessons, or struggled to make connections?
  • Have you travelled/lived in a place and suddenly felt different (good or bad) for no obvious reason at all?
  • Do you feel called to go to a place that you have no connection to at all and have never been to before?

That’s the magic of knowing your astrocartography

I have lived in a few countries and after traveling a bit and now living far away from my birth home. I want to help people to understand their birth chart and to see what energy lines are available to them.

You might be living on a particular line that is helping you to thrive or perhaps you are coming up with challenges and feeling a lack of support – wouldn’t it be great to understand why you feel a certain way? And how best to work with the energy in your natal chart?


  • I can help people considering moving to a new country get a sense of what that place may hold for them based on their astrology. 
  • I can help people who have travelled all over the globe and are still restlessly looking for a place to call home, find meaning to their unique life experiences. 
  • I can help people who are not able to travel, not able to move countries, learn how you can still tap into the energies and lessons all around the world without leaving home.

What is Astrocartography?

It’s called many things: Astro*carto*graphy, Astrogeography, Astrology of Place, Astro Travel Click – simply put, it takes your natal astrology birth chart and maps it onto the world.

The planetary lines run throughout the world, one for each of the four angles (Ascendent, Descendent, Midheaven and Imum Coeli); however it is important to consider the planetary placements (sign and house) within your own natal birth chart before looking at how you might feel or experience life on a particular planetary line.

What can you expect in an astrocartography reading with me:

  • You will need to provide an accurate birth time, date and city of your birth in order for your birth chart to be pulled correctly. (if you don’t know your birth time, you will need to get your chart rectified BEFORE you book a session with me. Please email me if you would like a referral for chart rectification).
  • I use Solar Fire / Solar Maps which is a professional astrology software which allows me to see much more detail than free versions.
  • I use the Placidus house system, with modern/traditional rulership considered.
  • I look at Planetary energy lines, Aspect lines, Parans (latitude) lines, as well as Zeniths and Crossings. If you are considering long term relocation, then we will cover off relocated charts as well as timings however often these need to be covered off in a follow up reading where we have more time to really focus on a particular location (I have a discounted rate for returning clients).
  • This reading is 75 minutes, and we meet online via Zoom video call which can be recorded (if you would like)
  • We briefly look at your overall Natal Chart – this helps to establish how the planetary lines will play out for you depending on location.
  • I then take your natal birth chart and map it onto the map of the world. We first look at the energies that exist around your birth location, and then where you are currently living now.
  • If you want to provide me details on places you have lived or travelled to, I can offer specific info about these locations as well.
  • I always like to offer other suggestions on places that could be beneficial to visit and/ or live for you in the future. This can be tailored depending on what you are specifically looking for right now.


  • You are feeling discontent with where you are living and would like to understand why
  • You are happy with where you are living and would like to work with the energy more to bring in more abundance
  • You work remotely and would like to find the most ideal place to work from
  • You are looking to relocate: locally or internationally
  • You have travelled extensively, or plan to travel more now
  • You have never travelled internationally and looking for ideas on where to go first
  • You are not in a position to travel right now but would like to look at where you are living and how to tap into different energies remotely
  • You are considering exploring some of your lines via holidays or retreats for short term stays