About Meg

Aquarius Sun – Pisces Moon – Aries Rising

I am quirky (and sometimes awkward) but always enthusiastically passionate about sharing my astrology knowledge. I have a deep compassion and empathy for others, and am incredibly honoured that my clients trust me as their safe space.  It is my deepest wish that a reading with me will leave you feeling unique, validated, and above all – INSPIRED by rediscovering or reminding yourself of who you are.

I was born on my Saturn DC line. 

Saturn is the ruler of my South Node, meaning I have karmic history with it. Saturn in astrology is the challenges we are here to overcome, and in astrocartography it is often related to being difficult and overbearing and restrictive. After many years of exploring and experiencing my own natal chart and astrocartography I have learnt that Saturn can be rewarding, it can be supportive and you ultimately cannot shy away from doing the necessary and sometimes hard work. If you are willing to, Saturn has the power to reward you greatly.

I am currently living on my Sun/Mercury Crossing with a harmonious Saturn aspect line. 

Moving to Ireland has actually helped me to see how to work with my Aquarius sun placement. I feel more like I am more easily able to speak and be heard here, and Saturn helps to ground my emotions so that I feel healthier and more stable here.

I offer various Astrology and Astrocartography readings. 

Please know that I never DM people on social media asking for money, all bookings are made securely via TidyCal.

I have various time slots available to book that account for different time zones, however if you need help finding a time that suits, please email me and we can find a time that works for both of us. 

Important things to consider before you book this reading:

  • If you are not sure of your exact birth time – I cannot give you an accurate reading
  • If you are travelling or living with someone else (partner, child, friend etc) – consider booking a couples session as we would need to look at both charts to determine the best location for both of you. If you are a family (more than 2), please email me.
  • Please let me know in the booking form the purpose/area of life you would like to look at (home, family, work, career, relationships, health, self development, healing).
  • Relocation is not always the answer. Don’t feel like you have to move in order to be happy or more successful. Often times there are changes and awareness we can find in simply being reminded of who we are and the strengths/gifts we have. Moving countries is a big change, and if you haven’t worked on healing and self development, even the most perfect planetary line won’t fix everything for you.

Cancellation Policy: Please note, I do not offer refunds for cancelled or missed appointments. If you miss the meeting time, I will record the reading and email it to you. If you wish to reschedule the reading in advance, please notify me by email at least 3 days prior to your scheduled slot. Readings with me are in high demand and advanced notice allows me to offer that time slot to another person. Please read my Terms and Conditions page for more info.