What is Astrogeography?

It’s called many things: Astro*carto*graphy, Astrogeography, Astrology of Place, Astro Travel Click – simply put, it takes your natal astrology birth chart and maps it onto the world.

All the planetary lines run around the world in waves, with 4 aspects for each planet (Ascendent, Descendent, Midheaven and Imum Coeli) – depending on the planet, the aspect and your unique birth chart, you may feel or experience life with different energies from different places all over the world.

  • Have you ever gone to a place that you just absolutely fell in love with and instantly wanted to stay?
  • Maybe you feel called to go to a place you have never been to?
  • Maybe you went to a place and suddenly felt different for no obvious reason at all?

That’s the magic of knowing your Astrogeography! 

I set out on a journey to discover my own chart after traveling a bit and now living far away from my birth home. And I want to help other expats (and anyone interested in travel or astrology) to know their birth chart and to see what is written in their stars 

What can you expect in a 90min session:

  • I take your natal birth chart and map it onto the map of the world.
  • I like to look at the energies that exist around your birth location, as well as where you are currently living now.
  • If you want to provide me details on places you have lived or travelled to, I can offer specific info about these locations as well.
  • I can then offer suggestions on what places would be beneficial to visit and/ or live for you.

You can book a reading here.

Please email me at meg@theexpatastrologer.com if you have any questions, and follow me on Instagram to learn more!