Evolutionary Astrology

We take a look at your birth chart from an evolutionary astrology point of view – taking a look at your past lives, the lessons and blessings your soul is calling for you to uncover in this lifetime. We talk about the tools you can use to help align your self to your truest and highest calling.

I also like to look at how this relates to your astrogeography map. In order to look towards the future, there are lessons in the past, so we look at where you were born, where you are currently living now and just a few key places you may have been to in the past or should consider exploring in the future.

Reasons to book an Evolutionary Astrology Reading:

  • You feel drawn to understand more about yourself
  • You would like to understand and heal your past life karmic wounds
  • You want to know more about the potential dharma/ life purpose in this lifetime
  • You are feeling called to travel or move, and need guidance to help align you with your soul purpose

What can you expect in a Natal Birth Chart Reading:

  • I look at your natal birth chart from an evolutionary point of view.
  • I use Placidus house system, with modern/traditional rulership’s considered.
  • Along with your natal chart placements, I do look at current transits and energies that you might be picking up on currently.
  • I also like to briefly touch on astrogeography – looking at where you are living and where you were born can also offer many insights into your soul’s evolutionary path.

You can book a reading here.

Please email me at meg@theexpatastrologer.com if you have any questions, and follow me on Instagram to learn more!